International Summer School in Synthetic Biology, July 22 – August 7, 2019

IOTE: Application has been extendend to March 22. 

Biomedical Center, Uppsala University, Sweden

Responsible departments
Biology Education Center and Department of Cell- and Molecular Biology

In an international setting, the students will be trained in basic techiques of synthetic biology as well as in generic skills such as research methodology, problem solving and communication. The students will meet researchers performing current relevant biology research at Uppsala University.

Course description
In this course, the students work in small lab groups in safe and well-equipped laboratories. The lectures will include an introduction to tools in molecular biology (RNA and DNA-based technology), Biosafety and Bioethics, Bioinformatics of Molecular Sciences, Synthetic Biology and other top-notch research topics presented by Uppsala University researchers. Lectures and seminars will be combined with experimental work, both in predesigned experiments and smaller projects. All students will be individually coached and will be trained in group work and communication skills. At the end of the course, a student symposia will let the students practice presenting science.

Practical information
Students are offered comfortable housing in the small city where it is easy to move around by bicycle, by bus or by walking. The climate is comfortable and the environment; including air and water, is clean. The students will be introduced to the course and the laboratories at Uppsala Biomedical Center. Before returning home, the students will have the possibility to visit the capital of Sweden, Stockholm and also enjoy the nature outside of the city of Uppsala.

At least half a year of full time studies on a Bachelor’s programme in biotechnology, biological science, computational biology or chemistry, including at least 7.5 credits biochemistry together with either 7.5 credits molecular biology or 7.5 credits microbiology.

European and Swedish students
There is no application or tuition fee for European and Swedish students. Fees for accomodation, food and social activites is voluntary. 

International students
For international students, the course fee is divided in three parts and include travels, accommodation and food during the field part of the course. Application fee: 900 SEK, tuition fee 10833 SEK, and a fee for in town accomodation food and social activities 13500 SEK. The application will not be treated until the application fee is paid. 

Apply between February 20 – March 22nd, 2019. March 22nd is an absolute deadline for application and documentation. Please see the checklist for all details.

More information or Margareta Krabbe,; +46 704 250 949