You who offer projects

Thank you for opening up your workplace for our students! We appreciate your help and your contribution is important both for students and for our programs. We hope and believe that you will also benefit from the student and his or her job performance.

We are pleased to receive offers of all kinds. We can also discuss and plan the project with you. Send your proposal to any of the following contacts or just get in touch for further information.

Lars-Göran Josefsson

Jan Andersson
Coordinator for the Engineering and Master Programmes in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biotechnology
Tel: 070-1679598

Fredrik Sundström
Director of studies
Tfn: 018-471 4138

Anna-Kristina Brunberg
Programme director för the Bachelor programme in biology/molecular biology

Ronny Alexandersson
Student faculty coordinator
Tel: 018-471 41 42