Degree project for the Master Programme in Biology

Programme: Master programme in biology
Credits: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 credits
Student portal: Schedule and course material (Project D in biology, 15 c)
Schedule and course material (Project E1 in biology, 30 c)
Schedule and course material (Project E2 in biology, 30 c)
Schedule and course material (Project E in biology, 45 c)
Schedule and course material (Project in biology, 60 c)

The information presented here applies to students pursuing a degree project. For formal course plans for the different degree projects available, describing prerequisites, expected learning outcomes, content and examination see below.

All master programmes include a Degree project (MSc Thesis), normally performed during the final term of the programme. Exchange students can apply for the degree project courses as part of their exchange programme. All degree projects within bioinformatics, biology and biotechnology are carried out as project courses. The length of a project course may be 10, 20 or 30 weeks, depending on the programme and the requirements for the diploma.

The aim of a degree project course is to train the student in planning, carrying out and reporting independent work. The student should also account for scientific literature in the specific research area. The project is meant to provide contacts with research and development, and often functions as a link between undergraduate and graduate studies, or between studies and the first employment.

The project may be carried out at the university, or in a company or a public authority. The student must have a project supervisor at the department where the project is performed, and a project co-ordinator at the Biology Education Centre. The coordinator functions as a "course leader", admits a student to the project, supports him/her while working, and grades his/her work.

Course syllabus


Cell biology, genetics, microbiology and molecular biology

David van der Spoel
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
018 - 471 4205,

Ecology, conservation and environmental science, limnology, population biology, evolutionary biology and systematics

Richard Svanbäck
Department of Ecology and Genetics
018-471 2938,

Immunology, Physiology, Biology of Organisms, Toxicology and Environmental toxicology

Lage Cerenius
Department of Organismal Biology
018 - 471 2804,