Do you want to be inspired for your presentation, or watch your friend/relative present his/her degree project?

Presentations are open for everyone to attend (unless something else is specified in the schedule), and especially younger students and students presenting the same day are highly recommended to also take part in others' final presentations. The presentations are also a good opportunity to get answers if you have questions about the degree project, how it works, what kind of project you can do etc. By attending the presentations you may gain a good picture of what the degree project is all about and get inspiration for you own future project.

Redovisningsdatum / Presentation dates

Table of contents:

30 Oktober 2019, B7:101a BMC 13.00-15.00

Mellanredovisningar / Mid term presentations
14.00-14.20 Elin Fermér (Civiling.)
Slutredovisningar / Final presentations
13.00-14.00 Bella Vilhelmsson Sinclair (Civiling.) (Opponent: -)
14.20-15.20 Andrei Vlassov (Civiling.) (Opponent: Fredrik Lindeberg)