Apply for a degree

After you have completed your studies you should apply for a degree. With a degree qualification from Uppsala University you will be well-equipped for professional life on the Swedish and international arena. Read more about how to apply for your degree.

There are many useful tips and trick you can learn to improve your chances to get a job or a PhD position. The Uppsala University Career support have a programme and they also give advice on your CV and cover letter.

When you are about to apply for your degree we would also like to encourage you to join Uppsala University Alumni Network to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues.

Checklist for taking out your degree

Make sure that you have finished all courses needed for your degree

You can find the criteria for your degree in your programme syllabus

If you have more courses than needed for the degree you have studied for, you have to choose what courses to include. Plaease turn to your porgramme director or study counsellor if you need help with choosing among courses.

Make sure that all courses are properly registered

Make sure that all courses you want included in your degree are properly registrered by checking in the Student portal where you can check all your results. Please also check that your name is spelled correctly, because this is how it will be written on your diploma.

Rules and forms for transferring and including courses

Make sure that you have the documentation required

  • Personal record extract from the tax authorities if you have a Swedish personal id number, otherwise a certified copy of your passport showing you full name.
  • List all the courses you want to include in the degree. You need to specify if any course is completed at any other Swedish university. If you want to include a course from another university, and this course is already reported in Ladok, you need to attach a copy of the course content decisions. If it is not yet reported in Ladok you have to include the original transcripts and diplomas. In some cases, an official translation may be asked for. Originals will be returned.
  • When applying for a Master's degree you must include or show your Bachelor’s degree in original,
  • if it is awarded from a foreign university. The original must be shown at the Graduation Office when you apply for the Degree Certificate or earlier during your studies.

Get the application form

Submit your applicaiton to

Box 256, 751 05 UPPSALA

or take all the needed documentation to Study Councellors and Career Office in S:t Olofsgatan 10B

What happens next?

The time it takes from submitting the application form until the diploma is ready varies depending on the current workload at the Diploma office. It can take from about a week up to a couple of months. Right at the end of the spring term it might even take up to three months.

The diploma will be sent to you by registered mail and it has to be picked up by you personally at your local post office. You can also pick it up at Studentservice in S:t Olofsgatan 10 B. Please write your contact details and where you would like to fetch your diploma on your application form. Please remember that you have to show your ID when picking it up.

When you have received you diploma

Please check the details in your diploma carefully and contact the Graduations Office (see contact information at the bottom of the page) directly.