Master student awarded first prize at E-LAB Joint Event in Poland


Karthik Rajasekar, second year student from Master’s in Applied Biotechnology, Uppsala University was awarded the 1st Prize in a competition organized by EIT Health at the Medical University of Lodz, Poland. He managed not only to find solutions to various problems with a non-functioning medical device and to fix the prototype, but also to make the device functional at the fastest time.

On the 19th and 20th of November, EIT Health - the health innovation sector of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) which is an entity of the European Union, organized the E-Lab Joint Event at the Medical University of Lodz, Poland. The E-Lab Joint event accounted for two segments – a competition and a workshop. While the workshop aimed at enhancing efficient delivery of health innovation by EIT, the challenging competition tested the technical skills of the participants in medical engineering. 

The competition involved analyzing and fixing a non-working prototype of an all new medical device that was designed with the aim of aiding cardiovascular surgeons while performing an open-heart surgery. With no other information regarding the prototype being provided, it was entirely up-to the participants to analyze the model and figure out what the designers had in mind and what they had in fact executed. Then, the participants would not only have to propose the most feasible solution that they believe would help the prototype work efficiently, but also on spot manufacture the required and implement it into the model of the medical device. To top it all, the time limit given for this entire challenge was 45 minutes! 

The venue was equipped with facilities like the Laser Engraving Machine, 3d printing machine, vinyl cutters etc. The choice of use of the machineries and techniques where at the discretion of the participants. The competition was designed to test how far a person could go by analyzing a model by themselves and if possibly she/he could come up with a viable solution. 

The Uppsala student Karthik Rajasekar at the master programme in Applied Biotechnology solved the problems in the fasted time and was awarded first prize in the competition.

Photo: Karthik Rajasekar

"I found this E-Lab Joint event by EIT Health to be highly exhilarating and productive. Furthermore, I would like to thank my department, IBG of Uppsala University for granting me this sublime opportunity" Kartick said.

Karthik Rajasekar. Photo courtesy of Karthik Rajasekar