Master programme in Molecular Biotechnology

Molecular biotechnology

Biotechnology research covers a broad field including biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, bioinformatics and systems biology. Uppsala has been a hot spot for biotechnology for many decades. One crucial factor for the success is the long-standing connections between the University and the biotechnology industry in and around Uppsala. The master programme in Molecular biotechnology is intended for students as well as for professionals who want to obtain a cutting-edge specialisation within molecular biotechnology.

The core content of the programme is the combination of mathematics and modern molecular biology and biotechnology, with a focus on quantitative aspects of biology. 

Programme information

The master programme in molecular biotechnology is no longer provided (the last program start was the autumn 2016).

The revolution of the modern biology is based on the development of technology, computer science and the new inter-disciplinary fields of research, such as systems biology and synthetic biology. The advances in these fields open up for systematic analysis and interpretation of complex biological systems that previously could not be approached. The rapid development of the biosciences place new demands on the researchers for knowledge and skills in e.g. mathematics and computer modelling. In Uppsala, the need for an education that prepared students for this dynamic and exciting new field of science and technology was recognised early.

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Benefits of studying in Uppsala

Uppsala University, situated in one of Europe’s major biotechnology regions, is a highly ranked research university with high quality education in close connection to research. We have many years experience with satisfied foreign students that has taken our programmes. The teaching at Biology Education Centre, Uppsala University, is hands-on as well as theoretical. You learn theory and get practical skills throughout the education.

Programme description

The education will give up to date knowledge, with both theoretical and hands-on experience of methods used in molecular biotechnology. After an introductory course, all students within the programme follow the same curriculum and study the same courses during the first year. The courses, e.g. Immunology and Protein Biotechnology, are focused on studies of biomolecules and their use in biotechnology. In the second year of the programme there are possibilities for individual specialisations. Courses offered include Protein Engineering and Molecular Systems Biology. You may also choose courses in other relevant biotechnology fields such as chemistry or bioinformatics. The programme finishes with a degree project performed at one of our many excellent research departments at Uppsala University or in a biotechnology company.

Close connection to current research

Teachers of the programme are active researchers. They provide training in systematic analysis and problem solving in addition to first class subject knowledge. Through daily contact with researchers in the front line of international science, you will be able to benefit from the knowledge, experience of different research areas and gain access to international contacts.

Degree and career opportunities

Successful studies at the programme lead to an internationally recognised Master of Science degree.

With a Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology you will be well prepared to work with product development in a biotechnology company or with research and development at an academic department in Sweden or abroad. You will also have an excellent basis for PhD studies.