Evolution and Development 15 c

Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG397
Credits: 15 c
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The enormous advances in molecular developmental biology over recent decades means that it is at last becoming possible to investigate the mechanistic molecular basis of morphological evolution. This holds out enormous promise for a deeper understanding of evolutionary problems as well as related questions such as assessments of morphological homology. At the same time this new interdisciplinary field is fraught with pitfalls; unfalsifiable storytelling, and poorly substantiated hypotheses based on inadequate taxon sampling or incorrect phylogenies, can lead to serious misinterpretations.

This course aims to provide an overview of this rapidly developing field, with principal focus on the evolution of animals. Examples from different animal groups will be used to examine phenotypic evolution from an integrated molecular-morphological perspective within a phylogenetic context. The knowledge gained from these examples will be used in addressing broader conceptual questions.

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