Genome Biology 5 c

Program: Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology/Engineering,
MSc in bioinformatics, MSc in molecular biotechnology
Level: Advanced
Course code: 1MB428
Credits: 5 credits
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The aim of this course is to provide a deeper understanding of the content and architecture of genomes from different groups of organisms and how factors such as population size and environment affect the evolution of their genomes.

Much of the content of the course will be focused on how comparative genomics is used to gain information about the biology and evolution of organisms and their genomes, but you will also learn more about some new and exciting methods in genomics; like metagenomics, single-cell genomics and synthetic genomics.

The course contains lectures, seminars and computer labs, with the aim of introducing the main theories, discussing current questions, and visualizing the most relevant concepts. 

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