Structure and function of macromolecules 15 hp

Program: Master programme in Biology
Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG349
Credits: 15 hp
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The overall goal of this course is to give students advanced knowledge of the relationship between the structure and function of biomolecules and to handle different tools used in structural bioinformatics. The student will also get good knowledge of current research and development of drugs directed against biological macromolecules. The student should after a completed course:

  • Know the basis of biological macromolecules constitution and traits
  • Explain the basis of biological catalysis
  • Explain control mechanisms of important biological processes: cell signalling, transcription, translation, and protein secretion
  • Explain the constitution of molecular complexes like ribosomes and viruses and aggregates like filaments and tubuli
  • Know and be able to use databases with information of structure and function of macromolecules
  • Know, be able to use and analyze results from methods used to predict secondary- and tertiary structure of macromolecules
  • Know how drugs aimed against biological macromolecules are developed using rational drug design

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