Ecological Methods

Program: Master programme in Biology
Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG324
Credits: 15 c
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This course focuses on the practical methods that an ecologist must be capable of mastering to work in nature conservation at governmental and non-governmental organizations. It is a strongly applied course, but skills in sampling and analysing ecological populations and communities are also invaluable for planning of research projects at Master’s and doctoral levels.

To collect field data is not sufficient, you must also apply correct statistical methods and also be able to communicate the findings efficiently and to various professional groups. For this reason discussions on data evaluation and practicals on how to report results from field surveys are important course components.

The course contains a detailed treatment, including practicals, of methods are standard in applied conservation, such as EU's Natura 2000 habitat monitoring, and Nils (National Inventory of Landscapes in Sweden). The importance of inventories and mappings for nature reserves are described and discussed.

During a field course week the students will perform projects including inventories and mappings as a realistic example to get practical experiences of the methods covered in the course. This will be planned in detail of the students before the field course, and afterwards compiled, evaluated and presented.

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