Molecular Infection Biology

Program: Master programme in Biology
Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG323
Credits: 15 c
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Can we stop an emerging flu pandemic? Is a worm infection good or bad? What infectious diseases are affected by changes in the climate? Can we vaccinate against cancer? What infections are more common in children and in elderly? What happens when our current arsenal of antibiotics is useless? These are type of questions that will be answered and discussed during this course.

The course will give you basic knowledge about molecular infectious biology and it will improve your ability to solve and analyse problems related to infectious diseases. After the course you will understand how microbes interact with the host and how they are affected by anti-microbial drugs. You will also get practical training in experimental infectious biology. Finally you will be able to combine all your theoretical knowledge from other basic courses and use it in something more applied like molecular infectious biology.

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