Evolutionary Patterns

Program: Master programme in Biology
Level: Advanced level
Course code: 1BG306
Credits: 15 c
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The evolutionary processes can rarely be observed directly in natural systems, albeit their accumulated effects result in different patterns that we can observe. The course Evolutionary patterns turns the perspective from Evolutionary processes around and focuses on how the evolutionary history is manifested in patterns that can be observed in and among organisms, and how these patterns can be detected and analysed to let us draw conclusions about the causes and the underlying processes.

The course deals with evolutionary patterns in a broad perspective, pattern that are observed in different contexts such as in time and space (biogeography and fossils), between species (phylogenies), within populations (population genetics), in the individual organism (developmental biology) or in the genome (molecular evolution).

The course will give you insight into questions and methods from different fields of evolutionary biology, and will be a good foundation for further advanced studies in any of the areas of evolutionary biology. The course is closely associated with the research at the Evolutionary Biology Centre.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Ryberg (martin.ryberg@ebc.uu.se)