Visit us

As a future student you might like to see the environment where you are going to spend a few years studying. There are films and pictures of our campuses being produced right now that you can see from home and maybe some of you have the chance to come for a live visit and see the campus beforehand with your own eyes.

As a master student you can contact our international coordinator Margareta Krabbe by e-mail if you would like to come for a visit, and if you are an exchange student please contact Eva Damm. We see the MEME students as master's students.

International visits

Foreign as well as Swedish universities with an interest in our education or different aspects on our pedagogical work are most welcome to visit us here in Uppsala, Sweden. Please contact our head of department Henning Blom to arrange a meeting.

We organise all biology education at Uppsala University in close collaboration with the research departments in the field of Biology. All our teachers are active researcher and experts of their research areas.