Degree projects / research trainings on epigenetics evolution

Epigenetic inheritance is common, but whether it is adaptive is still not known. The Lind lab. has just finished a long (100+ generations) experimental evolution experiment in environments predicted to select for or against epigenetic inheritance, and several projects are now available to investigate the evolution of epigenetic inheritance and its evolutionary dynamics. The lab. works with the nematode Caenorhabditis remanei as a model system and thanks to its short generation time (3-4 days) it is very suitable for collecting robust data even within the timeframe of a typical student project. For further details, see:


Flyer: Epigenetics evolution

Department: Lind lab., Animal Ecology, IEG, UU
Place: EBC, Uppsala
Start: January 2019 or according to agreements (several alt. projects are available)
Contact: E-mail the PI!