Master level thesis at GE Healthcare, on analytical methods for recombinant mAb´s

Product heterogeneity is common in recombinant mAb production and it is typically introduced either upstream during expression or downstream during purification. Variants are aggregates, deamidation products, glycosylation variants, etc. Even small structural differences can affect preclinical stability, process optimization as well as the therapeutic potency, bioavailability and immunogenicity of the product. In this very attractive degree project you will build a mAb characterization toolbox using many different high resolution analytical techniques in order to fully characterize and compare mAbs during expression and purification. Get all the details from the pdf!

Characterization of monoclonal antibodies (mAb), GE Healthcare

Company: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
Place: GE Healthcare, Uppsala
Start: Beginning of November 2018
Application: Contact the PIs immediately!