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Study counselling

Study counselling

Study counsellors at Uppsala University are responsible for providing guidance and information regarding studies and employment market. Their responsibility is also to contact students who appear to be in need of help with their studies.

Turn to the study counsellor if you have any questions regarding your biology studies, employment market or your study situation in general. Maybe you are having trouble choosing which courses to take? Or need someone to discuss some concerns or difficulties with? Contact information for the study counsellors can be found below.

General information

If you need some sort of certificate, you can download some of them via the student portal. You can also ask your study counsellor or course administrator to help you out with this. Study counsellors also handle approved leave from studies and non-completion of studies. If you are not pleased or have opinion regarding a course you may also talk to the counsellor if you do not want to talk directly to the teacher. Note that study counsellors always maintain confidentiality, but if you agree to let the counsellor discuss the matter with others he/she can do this.

You should also talk to the study counsellor if you have a disability of some kind, such as dyslexia or hearing loss, to get information about the help you can get at the University to facilitate your studies. If you are in need of special aids or if you have problems to participate in specific teaching sessions please contact the study counsellor well in advance to discuss the best possible solution.

If you have questions related studies outside the field of biology or would like to discuss your studies with a person outside IBG, contact the Study Counsellor and Career Office at Uppsala University (018-471 4720, S:t Olofsgatan, 10B, You can also get records from Uppdok and other public information materials there.

Study counsellors for the master programmes

If the questions are related to courses, course choices etc., please contact the programme director for the specific programme. If you have other questions, please contact Eva Damm.

Programme director of the Master Programme in Applied Biotechnology

Suparna Chandra Sanyal
Telephone: 018-471 4220, 073-7806426

Programme director of the Master Programme in Bioinformatics

Lisa Klasson
Telephone: 018-471 6403

Programme director of the Master Programme in Biology

Brita Svensson
Telephone: 018-471 2879

Programme director of the Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology

Jan Andersson
Telephone: 070-1679598

Study counsellor for exchange students, master students and students with special needs

Eva Damm
Telephone: 018-471 4306. Office in EBC, Norbyvägen 14, 3rd floor.

Book a 30 min appointment with Eva Damm